Testamonials-Mark Rice-Oxley - Actor

Mark Rice-Oxley - Actor


A year ago I could not sing a note. I am involved in amateur dramatics and wanted to sing solo parts in musicals. Mark was the only person who didn't tell me I couldn't sing. He has been teaching me for the past year and I now feel I have reached the stage when I can apply for auditions. Mark is an exceptional singing coach and I recommend him to anyone, whatever your level of experience.
Philip Gibbs

Having spent three years at Performing Arts College, I always knew what type of song to sing and what I should never touch.
Then Mark came along, threw all that out the window and asked me what I WANTED to sing.
Never getting very far in auditions my confidence and belief in my abilities had diminished.
Mark not only extended my voice and vocal range but stretched me as a person, gave me back my self belief and my confidence returned in spades.
Over the course of a few months our weekly lessons, which were incredible fun, sometimes hysterical but always productive - have enabled me to do
things with my voice I would never have believed possible.
Mark has a unique way of teaching, making you feel comfortable and will always join in on the seemingly silly vocal exercises.
I am about to start a 6 month contract as a singer/dancer with a cruise company - Thank you Mark!!!
I look forward to recommencing our singing lessons when I return from the cruise.
If your checking out this site and unsure about lessons, just bite the bullet and give it a go.
This man is incredible, he should have is own one man show!!!

Belle Hayward 

Believing at first that I was limited to just one style and sound of singing Mark opened up an amazing world of possibilities to me regarding the voice. He has me regularly experimenting with sounds and styles and songs I thought were impossible for me to achieve. He has taught me that anything is possible and that is truly inspirationally motivating for any singer...one teacher I wouldn't want to lose.

Sophia Khawaja