Biography-Mark Rice-Oxley - Actor

Mark Rice-Oxley - Actor




 Mark's acting career began when he was chosen by Dame Judi Dench for an Evening Standard award which paid for three years at drama school and had previously been won by Maxine Peake. Upon leaving drama school, Mark's first six months typified the varied career he would go on to enjoy. His first job was a play in the West End directed by Nick Hytner. Shortly afterwards Mark was in the first recorded episode (actually ep3) of Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. With the type of luck that doesn't happen anymore in this business, Mark then immediately played a sex offender in TV cop drama In Deep before going straight into playing George Harrison in an American TV movie about the Beatles.

Since then Mark's career has continued to veer wildly in different directions. There has been a lot of new plays (now in double figures) as well as numerous continuing drama on TV type things. Mark was filming for Eastenders when he was rehearsing at the Globe for Much Ado About Nothing.

A particularly great project was developing a new version of Pinter's The Dwarfs with Pinter himself which was made into a film by BBC4 then played at the Tricycle, although the general public where never as impressed by this as by Mark's appearance as Mickey in Blood Brothers for the last six months of its West End run. Whether or not Mark was any good is debatable, but he was proud not to have missed a single performance of the 208 he was contracted for.

The Pinter show overlapped with rehearsals for an Italian anal-sex farce directed by Peter Hall which featured in an International Theatre festival at the Barbican. In this three-hander, Mark played the part originally played by Paul Ready. By coincidence less than a month later Mark and Paul were giving their Dromio's in Comedy of Errors at the Bristol Old Vic. Since then, Paul has become a big star at the Nash, whilst Mark has an unsuccessful audition there every 18 months.

Pictures of Mark appear in A level drama books as he was in the Frantic Assembly production of Pool (no water) by Mark Ravenhill. Schools and colleges love Frantic Assembly so Mark has taught workshops as a supposed expert on Physical Theatre.

Mark has done a lot of development work on new plays and films and helped create the role of Gollum in the stage version of Lord of the Rings, as well as working with many, many students.

Mark was heavily involved in the creation of a new musical based on the TV show The Liver Birds and played all the male roles when it was on at The Royal Court.

Alongside all of this work, Mark has been working in Live Political programmes at BBC Westminster since 2007 in various roles, even presenting some Pilot programmes of the Daily Politics and This Week.  He also knows most of the politicians you have heard of and some you haven't.